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Before you begin this application please take a photo and then upload the following documents:

Once your registration is approved you must bring the original documents to the school.

The format of the file must be either PDF or JPG or PNG or DOC or DOCX and should not exceed 10MB
The format of the file must be either PDF or JPG or PNG or DOC or DOCX and should not exceed 10MB
The format of the file must be either PDF or JPG or PNG or DOC or DOCX and should not exceed 10MB
The format of the file must be either PDF or JPG or PNG or DOC or DOCX and should not exceed 10MB
The format of the file must be either PDF or JPG or PNG or DOC or DOCX and should not exceed 10MB

Student Details

Previous School and Subjects

Please list your subjects you wish to register for. If you are not repeating a subject please leave it out.

Parent/Guardian's Details

Person Responsible for Fees/Co-Guarantor

(To be completed if parent/guardian is not employed)

Please Supply Another Contact Person in Case of Emergency


Your application for registration is accepted at the discretion of the management board who may refuse a learner's admission to the School without giving reasons therefore. I acknowledge the school agrees to educate your child for the 2021 academic year only without the obligation of renewing this contract for future years. The parent / guardian and pupil acknowledge that he/she has no right of expectation in this contract and has no expectation that the contract will be renewed on expiry. I agree the school may refuse the application for the following academic year at its entire discretion and the school is not obliged to provide reasons for the decision to refuses re-admission and further it is not required that a disciplinary enquiry or exit interview be held before the school makes its decision.

  1. The pupil agrees to be bound by all rules and conditions as set down by Futura High School. Each term and condition contained in this agreement is separate from the other terms and conditions in the sense that if any one is determined to be illegal and unenforceable, it will simply be disregarded and of no force and effect, but the agreement will otherwise remain valid.

  2. I/We acknowledge that whereas every effort will be made to provide a safe and secure environment for the pupil, I nevertheless hereby specifically, irrevocably and indefinitely indemnify and hold blameless Futura High School and its staff against any and all loss, damage, injury and/or death which may be sustained by the pupil at school or en route thereto, or therefrom, or in the course of any extra-mural activity, or any school outing in which he/she may participate. I also hereby give consent for Futura High School to arrange any medical assistance where the said school sees fit. The Student declares he/she has no underlying condition and that he/she is of the opinion that he/she is physically capable of attending school activities; The Student understands the risks in physically attending exams, practicals or any school related activities and hereby agrees to indemnify the School from all actions, proceedings, costs, claims, demands, liabilities, losses and expenses of whatsoever nature in respect of or in connection with the possible contraction of Covid-19 at the school, including where possible illness results in death.

  3. I/We acknowledge that Futura High School is not liable for any loss or damage to the pupil’s property, while on its premises or elsewhere.

  4. I/We further acknowledge that should the pupil cause any malicious damage to property and/or equipment of Futura High School, I undertake to pay for such damage.

  5. Unless you expressly notify us in writing to the contrary, you consent to your Child participating, under proper supervision, both in and outside the School, in sports and other activities (including contact sports) which may entail some risk of physical injury, as well to your Child travelling to and participating in School activities and programmes outside the School. Subject to the School taking reasonable care to avoid harm and save for any gross negligence on the part of the School, its employees or agents, the School is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from
    such sports, activities or programmes and you indemnify the School against any claims in that regard.

  6. It is clearly understood that no unruly or disruptive behaviour will be tolerated from the pupil. Should the pupil not abide by the rules and conditions as set down by Futura High School, the school reserves the right to either suspend tuition to the pupil for a specified period or expel the pupil without recourse.

  7. It is agreed that parental permission is given should random drug testing be deemed necessary.

  8. Futura High School is not responsible for providing textbooks or stationery as per the 2021 Booklist.

  9. Futura High School must be notified immediately in writing of any change of address/ telephone number.

  10. All fees collected by Futura High School are collected on a non-refundable basis. If subsequent to entering into this contract your child does not take up a place at the School you will not be refunded the deposit or registration fee. The deposit and registration fee will be kept by the School as a reasonable cancellation fee.

  11. Any failure on the pupil’s part to attend classes for any reason whatsoever, shall not reduce the liability of the tuition fees for the full academic year. In the event the school agrees to cancel this contract 3 months paid notice by the person responsible for paying the School fees will be required as a cancellation fee.

  12. I/We agree to be bound by the official Futura High School price list as indicated in the 2021 Prospectus and this Registration Form. I agree that should I choose to pay in instalments as allowed by the official price list and any instalment is not paid by the due date, the full balance of fees shall become payable and Futura High School shall have the right to suspend the student from attending all classes.

  13. In the event of any payment due, being more then thirty (30) days overdue, Futura High School reserves the right to cancel the contract and retain all fees paid on account.

  14. Any consensual cancellation alleged by myself shall be of no force or effect unless contained in writing and signed by both parties.

  15. It is the pupil’s responsibility to supply and complete all documents as required by the Education Department on time. While Futura High School will assist the pupil to submit the required documents the school will not be responsible for the Education Department’s refusal to register a pupil for the late submission of and incomplete or
    incorrect or any forged documents/school reports supplied to the Education Department by Futura High School on behalf of the pupil.

  16. Futura High School is not bound by any warranty, representation, promise, term or condition not stipulated
    herein, express or implied.


It is a condition of enrolment that pupils and parents agree to abide by the Futura Code of Conduct. The pupil undertakes to abide by the following code of Conduct. The Head may, at his/her discretion, require you to remove or may suspend or expel your Child from the School, if he/she considers that your Child’s attendance, progress or behaviour (including behaviour outside school) is seriously unsatisfactory and in the reasonable opinion of the Head, the Child's removal is in the School’s best interests or those of your Child, other children or the wider School community. The School rules set out examples of offences likely to be punishable by suspension or expulsion. These examples are not a closed list and a child may be expelled or suspended for offences which are not included in these examples. In particular, the Head may decide that suspension or expulsion for a lesser offence is justified where there has been previous misbehaviour by the child or the circumstances of the case otherwise justify such action. I/We understand that any breach of the following rules will result in disciplinary action (either suspension or expulsion) being taken against me:

  1. Pupils shall not use banned or illegal substances (including alcohol) in the school grounds nor have these substances in their possession.

  2. Pupils shall communicate individually with the school management on matters affecting them.

  3. Pupils shall at all times act with decorum and dress appropriately.

  4. No party political activities may be conducted on the school grounds.

  5. Pupils shall not bring visitors to school without permission.

  6. Pupils shall not have cellular telephones switched on when attending at the school premises.

  7. Pupils shall comply with the school rules as amended by Futura from time to time.

I/We understand that any breach of the following rules will result in automatic expulsion without any chance of a less harsh form of disciplinary action being taken against me:

  1. Pupils shall not cause damage to school property through ether wilful acts of negligence and shall not engage in any act of theft, drug dealing, violence, threaten violence, nor carry weapons on to school grounds.

  2. Pupils shall not incite nor participate in any from of student action or strike.

  3. Pupils shall not threaten nor intimidate any fellow pupil or any member of Futura staff at any time.

  4. The pupil agrees that Futura High School may search his/her person or belongings for: dangerous weapons including but not limited to firearms and knives, banned substances and any illegal items. Futura High School agrees to undertake any search in a manner that is not harmful nor embarrassing to the pupil.

School Fees Payment

A deposit of R 2175 on registration and 10 monthly payments of R 1350 by debit order on the following dates: Reg | 28.02 | 31.03 | 30.04 | 31.05 | 30.06 | 31.07 | 31.08 | 30.09 | 31.10 | 30.11
A deposit of R 2175 on registration and 10 monthly cash payments of R 1417 on the following dates: Reg | 28.02 | 31.03 | 30.04 | 31.05 | 30.06 | 31.07 | 31.08 | 30.09 | 31.10 | 30.11
If you choose to pay your fees monthly either by Debit Order or Cash Monthly your first monthly payment is due by 28 February 2021 and monthly payments are due as indicated above I/We hereby agree to A. CONDITIONS OF AGREEMENT - CONTRACT OF ENROLMENT, B. CODE OF CONDUCT and C. SCHOOL FEES as per this registration form and hereby agree to be liable jointly and severally, in solidum as co-principal debtors for the total fee as indicated above. I/We understand that this contract cannot be cancelled. If attorneys are instructed to recover amounts due, I/We will be liable for all costs on a client attorney basis including collection, tracing fees and attorney’s charges. I/We the undersigned agree to all fees as stipulated. My address as set out in this contract shall serve as my domicillium citandi et executandi for all purposes in terms of this contract. All notices posted by pre-paid registered post to my domicillium as aforesaid shall be deemed to have been received on the fourth business day of the posting thereof, or on the day such notice is handed to me. I/We warrant that I/We have read and understood the code of conduct, conditions of agreement and the school rules and agree to be bound by them.
Once your registration is accepted the school will forward you our banking details . You may deposit the registration fee at the bank or you may make an EFT. Please note that your final registration will not be confirmed until you return the proof of payment, your original school report and this contract is signed.

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